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My Pets Wellness Westhaven offers grooming services in Westhaven, TN. Along with these services, we offer premier veterinary care in our state-of-the-art animal hospital.

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Professional Grooming

Discerning dog parents understand that there is more to dog grooming than buying the kit. The professional groomers at My Pets Wellness have the experience and specialized training necessary to clean, cut, and style your pooch without putting them through the wringer. Our full-service grooming package includes a bath, haircut, pedicure, and more, with customizable add-on services to fit your dog's unique style and skin and coat needs. We also offer basic bath services to keep your furry family member looking and smelling great. Add grooming services to your dog's VIP boarding experience and come home from your trip to a fresh pet.

dog getting groomed at my pets wellness grooming facilitydog getting groomed at my pets wellness grooming facility

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