Veterinary Dental Care

Excellent dental health is an important part of maintaining a healthy, happy pet. Regular dental cleanings from your veterinarian and proper home dental care help prevent the development of dental diseases, reduces the need for extractions, and reduces the risk of periodontal-related health problems. My Pets Wellness offers the industry’s best dental tools and technologies to maintain your pet’s dental health at every life stage.

When was the last time your pet went to the dentist?

As funny as it might sound, pets have dental problems just like we do! Disease and infection of the teeth and gums can lead to serious health consequences in vital organs like the heart, kidneys, & liver. They can also be extremely painful. Thankfully, most dental problems can be avoided by performing regular veterinary dental check-ups and dental cleanings!

Just like their human owners, pets require regular dental care to maintain healthy mouths. Disease and infection of the teeth and gums can lead to extreme pain or serious health consequences in vital organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Fortunately, most dental problems can be avoided by performing regular veterinary dental check-ups and dental cleanings. My Pet’s Wellness is happy to offer state of the art dental care to pets nationwide.

Does my pet suffer from dental disease?

Bad breath, red, swollen gums (gingivitis)

Yellowish tartar and plaque buildup

Loose, broken, or missing teeth

Difficulty eating, decreased appetite, and pawing at the mouth

Home Dental Care

Maintaining great dental care requires a combination of regular professional and at-home care. does not end once your pet walks out our door! Daily at-home brushing teeth can help prevent a myriad of dental diseases. We offer a variety of oral care products to help keep your pet’s smiles healthy at home. Ask your veterinarian what products are the best fit for your pet!

Pet Dental Cleanings

If early or advanced dental disease has been detected by your veterinarian, a professional dental cleaning is highly recommended. Dental cleanings involve full anesthesia, allowing our veterinary team to conduct a deep and thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth. Our facilities offer industry-leading anesthesia, pain management, and veterinary dental care technology.

Dental Cleaning

On the day of your pet’s dental cleaning, the doctor will start by performing:

- A full physical exam to evaluate your pet’s general health.
- A blood panel to check blood cell counts and vital organ functions.
- A complete blood chemistry profile to check vital organ function the day of the procedure.

Exam & Bloodwork

After the exam & bloodwork, all pets will then receive:
- Advanced anesthetic monitoring by a dedicated technician whose only job is to watch and record your pet’s vital signs while they are under anesthesia

- A thorough dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler to clean away tartar both above and below the gumline, as well as a teeth polishing to create a smooth surface.

- An oral exam using a periodontal probe to check for pockets along the gumline, enamel defects, furcation exposure, fractured/broken teeth, root exposure, loose/mobile teeth, and missing teeth.

- An exam looking for evidence of tooth resorption, a painful condition in which the body breaks down its own teeth and turns them into bone.

- If any dental abnormalities are noted in your pet’s mouth, a digital dental x-ray will then be taken. The doctor will then determine if any teeth need to be extracted.


If a dental extraction is deemed necessary, our team will provide the following:
- A nerve block to prevent pain prior to the necessary oral surgery.
- To avoid discomfort in the days following the extractions, patients will be sent home with pain medication.
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