As the weather turns warmer, it's time to consider landscaping and what we will include in our gardens this year. While you will calculate all the factors, such as hardiness zones, sun exposure, and water requirements, remember to ensure that the plants you include around your home are safe for your pets.

Today, we will look at seven of the best pets to grow when you have a dog and three that you should avoid. 

7 Plants Safe for Dogs

Here is a straightforward list of seven plants you can trust having around when you own a dog. Which one will you include in your landscape or garden this year?

  • Basil: Safe for dogs and cats, basil comes in different varieties. You can try the green or the purple and know that you won't have to worry about them making your fur baby sick if they get curious. 
  • Bamboo: This is an excellent plant because it is hardy and pest-resistant. As for your pet, because it is a tall plant that grows fast, it's not likely to garner much attention from four-legged friends. 
  • Thyme: While you wouldn't want your dog to eat large amounts of thyme if he or she gets curious and nibbles, it won't hurt them. The plant is hardy, enjoys full sun, and will be quite valuable for your culinary pursuits. 
  • Rosemary: Like thyme, rosemary is quite helpful in the kitchen. It produces pretty flowers and a nice ground cover if that's what you want. The fragrant plant doesn't pose a threat to your furry companion if they take a bite.
  • Catnip: Of course, we all know that it is safe for cats, but in small portions, it is also safe for dogs and even provides a good source of vitamin C. Did you know it also makes a delicious tea?
  • Asters: These are a really pretty and traditional white flower with a yellow center. These days, they come in a variety of other colors as well. You see them in landscaping all across the country. Just make sure you check the specific variety you get. Most of them are not toxic for dogs, but some varieties are. 
  • Roses: Who doesn't love this gorgeous flower, which comes in a plethora of colors, styles, and sizes? The good news is that your doggy can share in your love of smelling the roses because these lovely blooms aren't toxic to canines.

3 Plants Toxic for Dogs

The following plants are dangerous to keep if you have dogs. Take note and avoid growing these around your home:

  • Tulips: These are a super common bulb-based flower you are probably used to seeing in the spring. However, this flower is not safe for dogs. You should opt for a different spring bloom in your yard to keep Fido safe. 
  • Oleander: While it has lovely white blooms, this flower is deadly for dogs and cats, even in small amounts. It is best to shy away from it entirely and seek immediate veterinary help for your pet if it has ingested any of this plant. 
  • Sago Plam: This is a popular decorative plant, but every part is toxic for dogs, with the seeds being the most dangerous offenders. You should choose a different plant rather than risk putting your four-legged friend at risk by including this one in your landscaping. 

It's fun to be a pet owner, but it is also a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility includes providing a safe environment for your dog or cat to live and play in. 

To maintain a safe outdoor environment, carefully consider the plants you include. Make sure you use pet-friendly fertilizers, weed killers, and durable grasses, and consider installing a fence to protect your pets and plants. 

If your dog ingests a toxic plant, contact an emergency veterinarian immediately for assistance. 

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