Dogs love summer as much as we do. As the sun climbs higher and the days grow warmer, it's time to gear up for some fun in the sun with our furry companions! From ensuring they stay cool and hydrated to planning pet-friendly getaways, getting our dogs ready for the hot weather months is essential. Join us as we explore how to keep our canine pals safe, happy, and ready for all the summertime adventures ahead!

Stay Cool

During summer, dogs are at risk of overheating, which can be dangerous. It's important to take precautions to prevent this. Dogs vary in their ability to handle heat, so know your dog's needs. Some may need to avoid the midday sun and exercise during cooler times like morning or evening.

If your dog is outdoors with you, ensure there's a shaded area for them to rest. Remember, dogs feel heat more intensely than humans, so don't assume they're fine just because you're enjoying the sun.

Never leave dogs in hot cars or similar situations. This can be fatal and should never happen.

Get Vaccinated

The summer months are a time for vacations and socializing. Whether it is a trip to a kennel while you are away, doggy daycare, or play dates at a local dog park, you want to keep your pet healthy while they interact with others. Make sure you talk to your local veterinarian to make sure that all of your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

Stay Hydrated

Dogs can become dehydrated rapidly, especially in hot summer weather. Always make sure your dog has plenty of water available, which many people overlook when on the go. There are various products on the market, such as water bottles with flip-out troughs or spill-proof bowls, designed for traveling with pets. You can find these at specialty pet stores and online.

Keep Fido Feeling Comfortable

Whether your dog is joining you on vacation or having their own getaway, it's wise to pack familiar items. New environments can stress dogs out, especially if their owners aren't present. Bringing their bed or some familiar toys can make them feel more comfortable. Our Border Collies won't budge without their cherished (albeit smelly) blanket!

Say Hello to Dog-Friendly Venues

There are numerous dog-friendly businesses nationwide, easily accessible through online searches. While self-catering is a common choice for those traveling with dogs, many hotels also accommodate pets, offering an alternative option.

Nothing spoils a summer outing faster than discovering your dog isn't allowed, so thorough planning beforehand is essential.

Look Out For Bees

Dogs are curious creatures and often poke their noses where they shouldn't. Bee and wasp stings pose a serious risk to dogs, especially around the mouth and face. Be vigilant around areas where wasps frequent, like compost heaps or fallen fruit, and keep your dog away. If you spot a nest within reach of your dog, take immediate action to prevent any disturbance.

Enjoy the Warm Weather!

As we venture into the spring and summer months, remember that keeping our dogs safe and comfortable during the hot months is a top priority. With a little preparation and attention to their needs, we can ensure that our canine friends enjoy every moment of the sunny season by our side. Here's to many more wag-filled adventures together!

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