It is essential to have a first aid kit for cats and dogs. Pets can have emergencies just like other members of the family. Having a first aid kit handy can really save the day!

If you don’t already have a first aid kit for your pet you can either purchase one or build one yourself. Purchasing a premade kit can cost anywhere from $15 to more than $100 depending on which one you choose and what is included in it.

To get the best pet first aid kit, building your own is often the right option. When you build your own kit you will have complete control over each item that goes into the kit and its quality. A first aid kit for cats and dogs will be similar to a first aid kit for humans, but there are some differences.

Here’s a look at what goes into a pet first aid kit and how to build a first aid kit for cats and dogs.

What Items Should Be in a Dog First Aid Kit?

It is important to remember that an injured dog, even your best friend, can be volatile when in pain or scared. It is essential to have a soft muzzle to use in a dog first aid kit. This is necessary to have on hand even if your dog never needs a muzzle at any other time.

Additionally, you will want to stay away from any products that will stick to your dog’s fur, like self-adhesive gauze or bandages.

Dog First Aid Kit List

Here is a short list of things you will want to include when building a dog first aid kit:

  • Soft muzzle
  • Gauze
  • Non-stick bandages
  • Wide rubber wrap (to hold the gauze in place)
  • Antibiotic spray
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Milk of magnesia
  • Digital thermometer

What Should a Cat First Aid Kit Contain?

To make the best first aid kit for cats, you will need to consider your own cat specifically. An injured cat may need to be restrained. Unlike a dog which only needs a muzzle, a cat's claws can become very dangerous. You will need a towel, small blanket, or thick pillowcase to help restrain the cat if necessary.

You may also want to consider an agent to stop bleeding in case your cat has an injury to its claw nail. This is especially true if you clip your cat’s nails at home.

Cat First Aid Kit List

Here is a short list of things you will want to include when building a dog first aid kit:

  • Blanket or towel to restrain
  • Gauze
  • Non-stick bandages
  • Wide rubber wrap (to hold the gauze in place)
  • Inflatable or soft e-collar or recovery collar
  • Syringe to flush wounds & administer meds

DIY: How to Build a Pet First Aid Kit

Since you are building this pet first aid kit, personalize it for your pet and specific situation. Consider building a larger kit if you have multiple pets. You may only include items for one type of animal, but if you have cats and dogs, you may want a kit that includes items for both.

Start by including items to restrain and comfort your pet like the soft muzzle, e-collar, and perhaps a soft absorbent cloth that can be used to dry them off or keep them warm.

Include wound care items like gauze, a roll of rubber strip to secure gauze, and a pet-safe wound wash. Tweezers and a magnifier might be needed to remove a thorn, stinger, or piece of glass.

You should include copies of your pet's vet records and any other official paperwork in the first aid kit. Use a water-tight container to keep any medicine your pet takes regularly that they might need in case of an emergency.

Keep Pets Safe with a First Aid Kit for Cats and Dogs

Being prepared for emergencies is part of keeping your family safe and pets are part of the family. If you need guidance about any of the items that should be included in your pet’s first aid kit seek guidance from your local veterinarian.

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