You have probably heard that old saying that there is never too much of a good thing, but that isn’t entirely true, at least, not all of the time. There does come a time when you could have too many dogs in one household. The real question here is, how many dogs are too many for one house? Today we will talk about the right answer to that question.

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How Many Dogs Is Too Many in One Household?

The answer to how many dogs is too many likely depends on your family and your home. If you want to get a dog or multiple dogs, you will need to have room for them (common advice dictates that you should only have one pet per room, regardless of the type of pet), if you have the time to care for them properly and you can afford to provide for them adequately. Of course, this basic answer doesn’t exactly answer the question, but it is a good place to start. 

The truth is, you probably aren’t reading this article before you get your first dog and it likely didn’t appeal to you because you were introducing a second dog into the family. Odds are, you were really wondering about getting a third, fourth, or even fifth dog. 

Is It Too Much to Have 3 Dogs?

The simple answer is that having three dogs is not too much, as an arbitrary rule. Many families choose to have three dogs and are quite happy. For lots of homes, the answer is, “The more the merrier!”

The thing about dogs is that they are very social animals that thrive living in packs. In most cases, your dogs will be happy to have a new family member to play with. The bigger question is do you have the time and money necessary to care for an additional pet? 

Pet care, especially for some dog breeds can be very expensive. There is more than just food and water. Consider the age of your existing pets and the potential for veterinarian bills as the pet's age. Many people find it can be financially advantageous to stagger the ages of your dogs. This may also help as younger dogs keep the older ones more active and older dogs will teach the younger dogs better behavior (hopefully). 

How Many Dogs Is Considered Hoarding?

There is no set number of dogs that makes you instantaneously become a hoarder. Hoarding is defined by care and conditions. If you have multiple dogs and can not care for them properly or keep them in inhumane conditions, then you are hoarding. 10 dogs is not considered hoarding as long as they are provided for, in good condition and all have enough room to play and stay healthy. 

Should I Get Another Dog?

If you want another dog and you can care for them and have time for them, then you should absolutely get another dog. Keep in mind that the health of your dogs as well as a new dog must be a top priority. 

Make sure you take any new family members to the vet right away to be sure they do not pose a risk to your other pets. If you have any problems around introducing your new family member, such as behavioral issues, consult your local veterinarian for help. 

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