A group of vets and techs with dogs.
A New Way To Connect

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A Group That Gets You

A veterinary career can be draining, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Connect with your peers in a unique way through supportive, weekly live chats.

Qualified Guidance

Our group facilitator, Dr. Rodney Robertson, joins our team with over forty years of experience as a licensed mental health professional.

Weekly Support

The support of your peers is invaluable. Join us every Thursday evening at 7 PM CT for a real-time virtual support meeting.

No Limits

From balancing parenthood as a veterinarian to career burnout to compassion fatigue and everything in between, no topic is off-limits.

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This virtual group was created to provide a safe space for veterinary professionals to share their experiences, receive much-needed support from their peers, and feel heard. The weekly meeting is facilitated virtually via video chat by Dr. Rodney Robertson, a licensed mental health professional and the Director of Wellness & Personal Growth at My Pets Wellness. Complete the brief registration form to receive an email with instructions about how to access the virtual meeting group every Thursday evening. We’re thrilled to have you join us!

Wellness Rounds are held every Thursday evening at 7pm CT in a virtual video chat format. Register now to get started!