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Dr. Tiffany Brienza

Dr. Tiffany Brienza has been with My Pets Wellness here in Port Orange, Florida for almost a year. She is originally from Brooklyn, New York and went to undergrad in Long Island. She travelled overseas to St. Georges University for veterinary school and spent my days buried in the sand or floating in the ocean with laminated sheets of anatomy. A few years after being back home in New York City winters, I knew I was ready to leave again and headed to Florida. I love everything and anything related to the great outdoors. When I'm not working, you can find me travelling to the mountains for hiking or the rivers and springs for paddle boarding My areas of interest as a veterinarian include preventative medicine, client education and dermatology.
She has been a veterinarian for over 6 years and I ventured into this field after falling in love with my first pet family member, Hanna. She was a cocker spaniel my family bought when I was just 11 years old. She realized she had a gift for understanding them and a strong interest for investigating everything which led her to major in psychology and eventually Veterinary school.
One of her favorite parts of being a veterinarian is knowing how much she can make a difference in someone's life and that being the family member pet and the client at hand. We’re not wizards, but a lot of the pets look at you like your magical and that's a comforting feeling when you realize all your hard work has paid off. She loves working at MPW and has values her time while not working so she is able to be the best veterinarian when she is at work.

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