Dr. Mandy Yancey

Dr. Mandy Yancey was born and raised in Florida. Before making her way to the milder climate of South Carolina, she spent time in Houston TX, Charleston SC, and the country of Grenada, where she graduated from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Mandy enjoys tending to her vegetable garden and traveling to new places with her husband, especially if they can do some hiking or canoeing. They are currently pet parents to an ornery senior cat named Jasmine. They also owned a sweet and lovable Shepherd mix, Toby, who bravely battled lymphoma and whom they miss every day. Dr. Mandy’s medical passions include working with Senior pets and quirky cats. She also enjoys developing thorough medical plans to best serve her patients in the short and long term, so they can live their best lives!

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