You just got a brand-new puppy. You have thought of everything: bedding, bowls, collar, leash, and more. But, what about a name? You have to have something to name your new best friend, but where to even start…

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Tips for Naming Your Puppy

Before you delve into lists of puppy names and start trying to pick one, there are some things that you should consider. Here are a few simple tips for picking a name:

  1. Do Not Choose a Name that Sounds Like a Command. For example, a solid white dog might inspire the name “Snow”. The problem is that you will have a very hard time teaching your dog the difference between its name and the word “no”. You can see how this would be very problematic. 
  2. Opt For a Name that Ends in a Vowel. This might seem odd, but the theory behind this is that your voice infection changes when you say a word that ends in a vowel and this will help the puppy to more easily identify its name.
  3. Don’t Pick a Long Name. Dogs respond best to names that are one or two syllables. If you are tempted to name your dog Sadie Moose Doodle Johnson McDonald, that’s fine. Just realize you will never end up calling your dog that every day nor will the dog respond well. So the long name may be her “official” name, but you will need a nickname that your pet will actually respond to. 
  4. Don’t Use Another Pet or Family Member’s Name. The fact is this will be confusing for you and your pet. It’s just easier to pick another name.
  5. Don’t Rename an Adult Dog. For many reasons, it can be tempting to rename your adult dog, but don’t. It is very hard to teach an adult dog a new name if it can be done at all. Even if you hate their name, once they’ve learned it, the deal is sealed. 

25 Funny Names For Puppies

Sometimes, the best funny names for puppies are situational. We’ve heard of a few Bluetick Coonhounds named Red. Occasionally where or how you found your new friend will inspire a great funny name. However, if you are lacking any obvious names, here is a list of 25 funny puppy names that will put a smile on your face! 

  1. Kitty
  2. Lady Rover
  3. Spanx
  4. Groucho Barks
  5. Bark Twain
  6. Kanye Westie
  7. Mary Puppins
  8. Jimmy Chew
  9. Snoop Dog
  10. Dogzilla
  11. Pup Tart
  12. Chew-barka
  13. Little Bow Wow
  14. Black and Decker
  15. Black Betty
  16. White Noise
  17. White Claw
  18. Veto
  19. Dash
  20. Boston Beans
  21. Willy Wonka
  22. Marshmallow
  23. Pee Wee
  24. Chunk
  25. Winky

A Warning About Silly Dog Names

As stated above, it’s very difficult to change a dog’s name after they have learned it, so choose wisely. While you might get a kick out of some of the names on the list, do be sure the name you choose fits your dog and is one you are comfortable using for years to come. 

Of course, no matter what you name your dog making sure that they are healthy and well cared for should be your top priority. If you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your dog, make sure that you check with your local veterinarian. 

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