Kittens at the vet

My Kitten’s Wellness Plan

Kittens have specific veterinary needs to support their growing bodies. Early and routine preventative care helps protect your kitten against parasites, illness, and communicable diseases. Starting wellness care from kittenhood helps jumpstart your kitten’s lifelong health and wellness habits.

What’s Included

All of the routine preventative care your pet needs in one tailored wellness plan.

6 Exams — (4 Scheduled Developmental Exams & 2 As Needed)
Core Vaccinations — (FVRCP & Rabies)
FeLV/FIV Testing
Two Intestinal Parasite Tests — (Fecal Screening)
Routine Deworming — (2-3 Annually)
Four Nail Trims
10% Discount on Flea/Tick and Heartworm Prevention
10% Discount on All Additional Services — prescription diets not eligible for discounts


Customize your pet’s wellness plan to fit their unique health needs with a variety of add-ons.

Spay with Preoperative Lab Work
Neuter with Preoperative Lab Work
Feline Leukemia Vaccinations — (includes booster)