My Pet’s

Wellness Plans

Regular preventative care is the key to a healthy and happy pet. Wellness plans package your pet’s annual preventive care needs at a significant discount. Every wellness plan includes annual or biannual exams, all core vaccinations, diagnostic testing appropriate for each pet’s health and life stage, and at least 10% off all additional services (excludes prescription diets).

A dog and a cat laying on the floor together.

Canine Wellness Plans

My Puppy’s Wellness Plan

Put your puppy on a path to lifelong wellness with early intervention.

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My Dog’s Wellness Plan

Maintain your dog’s health and increase their lifespan with preventive care.

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My Senior Dog’s Wellness Plan

Customize a wellness plan to fit your senior dog’s unique health needs.

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Feline Wellness Plans

My Kitten’s Wellness Plan

Early preventative care is key to your kitten’s lifelong wellness.

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My Cat’s Wellness Plan

Regular preventative care keeps your mid-life cat healthy and happy.

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My Senior Cat’s Wellness Plan

Develop a unique wellness plan to fit your senior cat’s health needs.

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