Preparing For Your Pet’s 
Comprehensive Health Assessment

This Isn't Your Typical Veterinary Experience.

Before Your Appointment:

  1. Don't forget to fill out your Digital Intake Form. This will allow us to seamlessly access all of your pet's medical history, so that we're in the loop on all your pet's important information.
  2. The Comprehensive Health Assessment takes a little longer than a regular veterinary exam visit. You give us a little extra time, and we give you the most comprehensive evaluation of your pet inside and out. Feel free to bring in a book or a cup of coffee for while you wait in the exam room.

During Your Appointment:

  1. Diagnostics & Physical Exam: Our veterinary team will guide you and your pet to your exam room where you’ll be seen. Then, our loving staff will gently lead your pet to the the back room, where we will draw blood and do a number of preventative screening tests to get a full picture of their health. To see which diagnostics will be included with your pet’s appointment, please see our Pet Parent Guide.
  2. Doctor-Parent Collaboration: After the results of your pet’s exam and health screening are in, your veterinarian will go over your pet’s health report card. Here, you can talk about how to keep your pet healthy for longer and for less money.
  3. Our goal is healthier, happier pets which we believe are directly correlated to more frequent visits, more diagnostics, and proactive healthy behaviors including dental care, parasite preventatives, and immunizations.
  4. We have created fully customizable Health Plans that include deep discounts for families that want to do everything they can for their pet. You invest in your pet, we invest in you. Ask about how our Comprehensive Health Plans could be right for your pet.

After Your Appointment:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team any time via email or phone call. We’re proud to be your partner in veterinary care.

Have a great appointment!

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