Veterinarians smiling while holding a dog.

The DVM Mentorship Program

Open To All

DVMs nationwide from all backgrounds, levels of experience, and areas of expertise are welcome!

Completely Free

There is no cost to participate in the mentorship program as a mentor or mentee.

Low Commitment

This guided program only requires a commitment of 1-2 hours per month for three months.

DVM Specific

We’ve tailored this program specifically to DVMs with expert help from leadership development professionals in the vet space.

Mentorship For Vets Nationwide

Developed Exclusively for Veterinarians

A Different Breed of Mentorship

Designed by expert leadership development and executive coaching professionals, this three-month, guided mentorship program is available to DVMs nationwide across all levels of experience and areas of expertise. Those interested in personal and professional growth or looking to build connections outside of their current organization are highly encouraged to participate!

Our Intentional matching process pairs mentors and mentees based on shared goals and experiences, and our guided format takes the guesswork out of the mentorship process. Participants can expect a commitment of 1-2 hours per month, with a best-practices orientation and structured introductions kicking off the program.

Female veterinarian hugging cat.
A vet smiling and holding a dog

More About My Pets Wellness

MPW is a veterinarian-founded team committed to changing the culture of veterinary medicine for the better. We know a career in veterinary medicine comes with a unique set of challenges, and we're here to be a resource for personal and professional wellness to the veterinary community. From our Weekly Wellness podcast to free CE courses to our DVM mentorship program and everything in between, our DVMsupport network is eager to bring personal and professional wellness resources to veterinary professionals nationwide.