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Dr. Meg Sorhus

Dr. Meg Sorhus was born and raised in Oregon where she completed her undergraduate in Animal Technology and Farrier Sciences. From there she moved to Missouri where she taught at Truman State University, owned and operated a multi-species farm, and later attended Truman State University as a student in preparation for veterinary school. Dr Meg attended school at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated with high honors. Her clinical year was spent in Edinburgh Scotland, and she completed externships in Norway, Spain, England, and the USA. From there Dr Meg was offered a Small Animal Rotating Internship with the University of Tennessee. She fell in love with the mountains of Tennesse and decided to stay. Dr Meg enjoys hiking, mountain biking, riding horses, and fencing with her husband and sons. She also enjoys oil painting, making pottery, and gardening. Her home is shared by a beautiful Greyhound, feisty cat, lovely betta, docile snake, and two gentle horses. While Dr Meg enjoys many areas of veterinary medicine, she is especially enthusiastic about surgery and ophthalmology.

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