Your Chauffeur Has Arrived

Our pet chauffeurs are here to ensure your pet never misses a veterinary or service appointment. All pets living within a one-mile radius of our Chelsea facility are eligible to opt-in to pick up and drop off chauffeur services. Please give us a call to add chauffeur services to an existing appointment or reservation.

Man walking his two dogs crossing the crosswalk.

Short on time? We’ve got you covered.

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Keep Reservations

With chauffeur pick-up and drop-off services, your pet never has to be late or miss a poorly-timed appointment again!

Same Day Service

Last-minute chauffeur service is typically available on a same-day basis. Just give us a call to book your chauffeur service!

Stay Home

There’s no need to leave your home or disrupt your schedule to get your pup to their appointment. Our chauffeurs have you covered!

Convenient Radius

All clients who live within a one-mile radius of our Chelsea location are eligible to use our chauffeur services.